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#1 2006-09-04 17:39:36

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the black eyed peas/anecdote

they are playing a show here today, along with the pussycat dolls.... horrah!  i just dropped my gf off to work and there are almost no cars on the roads.  About 6 years ago some of my friends met this dude here in town that claimed to have been in porno movies, my friend borrowed some belle & sebastian ep's from him that she wanted to get copied... this was my introduction to belle & sebastian... i remember at the time him telling me to 'check out the black eyed peas'  which at that time i guess pretty much NOBODY had ever heard of them, he told me they were fabtabulous.  Which maybe they were at the time... who knows. maybe they sold out too.

a friend of mine lives near the concert grounds, so she invited everyone from work to come over and have a bbq while we listen to the show...

i wish i could have told you all



2006-09-04 17:39:36



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