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The Skipper
G. McJerry Word Up
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It's Funky Cuz It's Tru

Bob Gnarly & the Gnailers
Itz Funky Cuz Itz Tru

BG&G are: Dangermouse,Ceelogreen,brittdaniel,scottspillane

1. Resin-8 (feat. Nick Diamonds)
2. Quaalude & lascivious (feat. David Bowie and Mick Ronson)
3. Rusty Shackles
4. Homonculus Funculus (feat. George Clinton)
5. Tru-bad-ourz (feat. Dan Bejar and m. Ward)
6. Gnail Away Wit Me
7. The River Sticks (feat. Dennis deLong)
8. Limp Along Home
9. Dead Duxxx (feat. Andre 3000)
10. SPiro T. GyRo
11. Lemonbarz
12. Tha Milky Way 2 Your Heart (feat. Prince)
13. Itz Funky Cuz Itz Tru (feat. MArk Ibold & Stephen Malkmus)
14. Look Ma No Qualms
15. Bob Majerle's Ghost (feat. doug martsCh)

guillotine spirit
niece ass
tongue in *cheek*
fuck cigs



2006-05-23 19:22:32



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